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Please enter your exact needs via email or request a call back so we can create an offer that is unique for you! Our offer will be sent to you by e-mail within one business day!

web design
logo design

*For logo, corporate identity, graphic design:

   company profile of target audience, any specific ideas?

   e.g. the logo style (conservative, modern, businesslike, fun ...)?

   the complexity of the graphic logo (simple letters logo, logo grafikás simple / complex figurative graphics, 3D effect ...)?

   in addition to what is needed to logon (business cards, letterhead, fax header, envelopes, folders, brochures, price lists, flyers ...)?

   what possible connection with these specific needs arise? / Range, style?

   Please also tell us if there are no specific requirements and fully entrust us to design!

*Questions in case of webdevelopment to give you better offer:

   type of website: simple presentation, or more complex functions (individual needs ...)?

   theme of the website, the company's business scope, (profile, products)?

   the purpose of the website, your target audience?

   other features of the site (eg. photo gallery, forum, webshop, product catalogs, newsletters ...)?

   amount the number of menu items and pages to edit / upload content (A / 4 p)?

   the number of web languages (which languages) prepared?

   there is a need to update the admin interface of the website by the customer?

   requirements regarding the graphic appearance (eg. style, visuals, animation ...)?